Dale Hammerschmidt
President and Owner 

With a lifetime of building experience, Dale Hammerschmidt started his home building career in eighth grade. Throughout high school and college, he was involved in the construction trade, learning and being involved in every task and process in building a home.

Even when he wasn’t building homes, Dale was involved in building winning and successful ways of creating a pursuit of excellence as a football player (1980-1984) and a coach (1987-1996) for the North Dakota State University Bison.

Dale’s philosophy of “being brilliant at the basics” and doing the little things right is what makes him a successful home builder. He is your trusted adviser in the home building process and making your dream home a reality. You can count on Dale to treat every build like his own personal home building experience.  

Upfront Pricing and Transparency

Hammer Custom Homes works predominantly in eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota, including Lakes Country in new home construction.
We pride ourselves on our attention-to-detail and craftsmanship and are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations.

We work together with our clients to understand their needs, and expectations and offer a flexible approach that ensures our new home builds meet deadlines and exceed expectations.
With a wealth of knowledge and a can-do approach our team inspires, motivates and encourages each other to provide a quality home, on time and on budget.

Please feel free to look through our recent bulds and contact us to arrange a quote or for more information."

Subcontractor Meeting

Prior to the building process we introduce you to our highly qualified subconstractors.  We also schedule when work will be started to move in day.  Our process is completely seamless and we pride ourselves on keeping the project moving along so you can move in on time.​​

We Don't Build For You, We Build With You

At Hammer Custom Homes, nothing is more important than making sure that we effectively bring life to your vision of the perfect home, We understand how long and hard you have worked to get to this point and we want to make sure that you are rewarded with the amazing custom home you have always dreamed of.

We're Here Start to Finish

From start to finish, we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each client gets the dream home they hope for. We bring life to your vision of your forever home by taking the time to listen to what it is you want to in your home. From there, we offer custom home design and construction solutions that are tailored to your needs.